DVP in "space"
DVP contributes to the diet of the astronauts on the International Space Station!

In co-operation with one of its most important Italian customers, DVP has supplied the technology to produce vacuum machines which pack food for the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts.
ORVED SPA designed and manufactured the ORVED Argovac vacuum machines specifically for the Orved Space project; DVP contributed by providing its LB.8 oil lubricated pump which is used to pack food portions. The food is desiccated first (a preservation process of removing moisture), then before the food can be eaten, it is rehydrated with warm or cold water depending on the kind of food.

The challenge was to prepare food which could be desiccated and then rehydrated (a process which usually ruins the taste of food) without spoiling the unique flavour of Italian and other European dishes.
In the Space Station there are people originating from different parts of the world, so the chef-scientists had to try numerous experiments before finding traditional dishes of each country which could be prepared in this way.
Thanks to the development of this new technology and the expertise of the chef-scientists, the astronauts will be able to complete their 6-month long mission in the space shuttle without forgetting the taste of food from earth.

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