DVP Vacuum Technology, Kaizen Key and Berardi Bullonerie previewed the benefits of a successful synergy.

San Pietro in Casale, September 21, 2022: “Can we increase productivity with the current organization?” was the question DVP Vacuum Technology, a global manufacturer of vacuum pumps since 1973, asked itself more than a year ago now, driven by a desire to respond to market needs in an increasingly efficient manner.

This led to the partnership between DVP Vacuum Technology, Kaizen Key and Berardi Bullonerie, three companies involved in a significant business transformation process by means of the Lean method. The benefits of this cooperation were previewed during the LE@N FACTORY_LAB: “MADE IT BETTER!” event on September 21 held at DVP LAB, the research & innovation laboratory of DVP Vacuum Technology.

With the consultancy of Kaizen Key, a specialist in business process optimization, DVP Vacuum Technology has undertaken a reorganization of production from a Kaizen perspective, by taking continuous improvement in small steps and eliminating waste following the basic pillars of the Lean approach.

A new way of managing the production lines supply with pull and just-in-time logic, the setting up of a production supermarket, and the implementation of the Kanban for small parts designed by the B-Lean Factory Systems logistics division of Berardi Bullonerie, a distributor of industrial components and fasteners. Last, a new layout for the assembling area and the introduction of a first pilot bench, an ergonomic workstation, sized and tailored to the product to be assembled.

All of this was presented during the factory tour, where 19 companies, including customers and suppliers, were able to see the innovations introduced in DVP Vacuum Technology, the result of the synergy with Kaizen Key and Berardi Bullonerie that proved successful.

“The benefits we and our partners have experienced from this cooperation translate into concrete benefits for our customers. More productivity and flexibility to the market and, at the same time less waste and reduced and standardized lead times, allow us to give our customers the most accurate, timely and predictable solutions,” said Roberto Zucchini, CEO & President of DVP Vacuum Technology. Aiming to confirm itself as a loyal and knowledgeable advisor to vacuum pump users has once again been achieved.