Who we are

Over the years we have drawn on our expertise to develop products of increasing quality. For almost 50 years DVP Vacuum Technology has been producing Vacuum Pumps and Compressors that are used in a wide range of industrial sectors such as packaging, environment, chemical, health and many others.

Vacuum Pumps and Compressors are customised to meet specific requests thanks to research done by DVP LAB, DVP’s innovative laboratory that works constantly to ensure top performance. New shapes, new materials, new functions, new accessories: unique solutions to meet all our customers’ needs.

Our story has taken us around the world. Headquartered in San Pietro in Casale, Bologna (Italy), DVP also has branches in Germany, Spain, United States of America and Brazil and is present on all continents with an extensive sales and customer service network to offer the best support in a rapid, timely manner, wherever required.


We want to be recognized all over the world as those who interpret with passion the dreams customers want to share with us.
We want to work in a team of determinedcoherent and proactive people, that are examples of excellence and able to create enduring value.
We want to live in a dynamic, open and innovative enterprise, source of opportunities, an enterprise that actively participates in the community life by promoting a reciprocal interchange.


We aim to be a loyal and qualified consultant to OEMs that use industrial vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors .
We offer them innovative and customized solutions, maximizing the “performance/price ratio”.
We offer reliable products and outstanding customer service to value-added resellers. We meet the end users’ needs with a diffused, qualified and fast commercial network.
We motivate our employees in a transparent way and we reward their accountability and initiatives.
We are open to changes that bring market value-added. We work with local authorities for initiatives that bring sustainable economicsocialcultural and environmental development.