Sustainability is not an option, but a necessity. DVP Vacuum Technology is firmly convinced of this and, as of mid-2021, has begun a true green business revolution, giving sustainability and climate change the attention they deserve.

Just to better develop sustainability goals, DVP has joined the EIC GHG Tool initiative, the company’s carbon footprint assessment tool designed by the European Innovation Council (EIC) under the Greenhouse Gas Program (GHG).

A fruitful collaboration with the GHG community and its experts, which Daniele Biffi, DVP Chief Quality Assurance, and Valeria Di Cintio, DVP LAB Project Manager of Research & Innovation, shared in their September 23 interview with the very EIC.

The EIC GHG Tool has been helpful in quantifying the number of emissions produced by the company, better understanding the relevant aspects of sustainability, and what mitigation practices to adopt to minimize the impact on business, society, and the world consistent with EU objectives.

As a result of the efforts already introduced, DVP received the first GHG Badge “C02 Footprint” for having completed the calculation phase of its CO2 footprint, and recently received the second GHG Badge “CO2 Reduction” for having taken actions to reduce its emissions.

DVP’s commitment to becoming an increasingly green company does not stop there. These awards were followed by a letter of commitment for the next 5 years, in which DVP promises to adopt behavior strategies that will enable it to reduce its impact by more than 5 %.

A goal that will be achieved through concrete actions, such as the already ongoing installation of a photovoltaic system that will produce 33 % of the company’s electricity needs, the use of more efficient lighting in all offices, the reduction of supply chain distance, and, last but not least, the use of plug-in or total hybrid cars.

Step by step, DVP is doing its part for a more conscious future.